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ADEQ Says The Orange Liquid And Soils Found In Walker Isn’t Harming The Water Supply

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality says surface water and soil test results of orange water and soil in the area surrounding the former Sheldon Mine in Walker, indicate the orange coloration is due to naturally-occurring iron and is safe. Officials say as iron is exposed to air, it forms iron oxide, which is orange or red in color. Test results confirm that surface water and soil in the area do not pose an immediate threat to public health and that no remediation activities are warranted. The liquid and soils were found in later March surrounding the mine southwest of Dewey-Humboldt. Officials say that due to recent above average precipitation in the region, this orange liquid may be surfacing in other nearby areas. As a precautionary measure, ADEQ continues to advise people near the Sheldon Mine to avoid contact with orange water and orange stained soil in the area. The Bradshaw Mountains include miles of underground mine workings and dozens of historic waste rock and tailings piles that date back many decades.



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