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ABOR Approves Grant To Research Affordable Housing Solutions For Prescott Firefighters

The Arizona Board of Regents approved a grant back on June 15th to help firefighters find financial solutions for those who can’t afford housing in the Prescott area. How the community grant is going to be disbursed will be determined by NAU researchers who are studying the same issue in comparable cities. According to Central Arizona Fire and Medical Fire Chief Scott Freitag, firefighters in Yavapai County are struggling. During training, departments may invest around $100,000 in each firefighter. Once they are hired, however, many firefighters will leave to find a job somewhere more affordable. ABOR Chair Lyndel Manson said “We take it for granted that firefighters will be ready to respond when our loved ones have medical emergencies or fires break out. The reality that firefighters often can’t afford housing in the communities in which they work is troubling and not tenable for the future.” Manson says the grant will allow firefighters to focus on fighting fires and saving lives. 


Daisy Johnston



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