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A YCSO Deputy, And A Medical Crew, Is Being Commended On Their Quick Actions To Save A Man’s Life Recently Near Chino Valley

A deputy from the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office took quick action last week in order to save a man’s life near Chino Valley. Back on December 21st, deputies were sent to an area of Perkinsville Road and mile marker 11 near Chino Valley. That’s where two hunters called 911 after finding a man lying next to his quad off-road vehicle. The first deputy to arrive found the 45-year-old Chino Valley man conscious, alert and verbal, but had a fractured leg. As an ambulance arrived, the man started convulsing, bleeding from the mouth, and required life-saving measures after his heart stopped. The deputy then called for a medical helicopter and established a landing zone using LED road markers. He guided the helicopter to the location, so it can take the man to Flagstaff Medical Center for treatment. It is believed the man suffered a stroke at the time. Yavapai County Sheriff David Rhodes commended the work of the deputy and the medical crew for saving the man’s life.



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