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A Prescott Man Is Arrested After Detectives Find Thousands Of Fentanyl Pills And Other Drugs In His Home

A Prescott resident was jailed on multiple felony drug and weapons counts, and thousands of fentanyl pills and other narcotics were seized during an arrest Monday night. Detectives with Partners Against Narcotics Trafficking, or PANT, had information that 45-year-old Adam Sosa-Krenn was dealing fentanyl from his residence in southeast Prescott, and they obtained search warrants for his home and vehicle. Sosa-Krenn, a prohibited possessor of firearms, was taken into custody during a traffic stop, during which a rifle was found in his vehicle. Meanwhile at his residence, detectives found a safe containing about two-thousand fentanyl pills, and located more fentanyl throughout the home. They also found a useable quantity of methamphetamine, several pounds of marijuana, some psilocybin mushrooms, and liquid codeine, along with more firearms. Sosa-Krenn was booked on a total of eight felony charges, including three related to the sale of drugs and two weapons counts.



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