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A Man’s “Apple Smart Watch” Calls 911 Alerting Operators To An Accident In Cordes Lakes, Which Leads To Its Owner’s Arrest

A man’s Apple Smart Watch called 911 alerting them to a single-vehicle accident involving a snow plow that its owner was driving earlier this month. Yavapai County Sheriff’s officials say at around 1:15 a.m. back on December 1st, the watch initiated a call to 911 alerting them to a crash that took place at the ADOT yard in Cordes Lakes. The watch’s owner told the operator that everything was fine. The dispatcher decided to send a deputy to the scene anyway. When he arrived he confirmed that an ADOT plow was on its side in the driveway area and there was a lot of damage to the vehicle. Employees on the scene told the deputy the driver left the area in a personal vehicle after being helped out of the truck. Attempts to locate the driver were unsuccessful, having found the address on his personal registration in Dewey was false and didn’t exist. Four days later, YCSO located the man who admitted to driving the plow at a speed too fast for the turn and it overturned. His reason for speeding and leaving was he was in a hurry to get to his elk hunt. The man was charged with criminal damage, false reporting to law enforcement and failure to stop for an accident causing damage.



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