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A 38-Year-Old Man Apparently Fell To His Death Thursday At Bell Rock In Sedona

A 38-year-old man fell to his death in the Bell Rock area of Sedona Thursday. The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office went on a welfare check to find a man who didn’t show up to work Thursday morning. His roommate told deputies the man was an avid hiker and would often hike Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock trails. Deputies found the man’s vehicle at the Bell Rock parking lot, but couldn’t reach him on his cell phone. YCSO pinged his cell phone, which said he was in the area. He still had not been found later in the evening, so a search was halted until Friday morning. Searchers climbed to the top of Bell Rock and looked down to try and see anything that looked different. The saw something out of place than normal in one of the crevasses. Hikers went to the area and found the missing man. Officials say he looked to have been taking one of the main trails to the very top of the mountain. The section he was in was extremely technical and it appears he slipped and fell to his death. The body was recovered, but there is no additional information.



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