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A 13-Month-Old Child Was Killed When Her Mother Reportedly Ran The Infant Over With Her Car In Cottonwood Thursday

A 13-month-old baby was killed when the mother accidentally ran over the child with her car at a home in Cottonwood Thursday morning. Yavapai County Sheriff’s officials say the mother called 911 to report the accident moments after it happened. The mother had parked in a gravel area next to the residence. While maneuvering the vehicle out of a tight space, the mother had positioned the child within the car seat, in an area she thought was safe. While repositioning the vehicle, the front tire caught the canopy of the car seat, causing it to fall backward, which led to the infant suffering critical injuries. Deputies responded, along with emergency responders. Despite their efforts, the child was pronounced dead at Verde Valley Medical Center. The matter continues to be under investigation.



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